Why are you constantly hungry?

Ever wonder why you constantly feel hungry even after eating regular and healthy portions of food?  Lack of sleep, lack of protein, excess stress and starchy carbohydrates are some of the more common reasons why.  Esther Crain of Health.com shares some valuable insight regarding how our minds and hormones trick us into believing we are still hungry based on our behaviors.   She highlights 11 issues including:

  1. You are dehydrated
  2. You are a restless sleeper
  3. You load up on starchy carbs
  4. You are a stress case
  5. You drink too much alcohol
  6. You need to eat more protein
  7. You are not eating enough fat
  8. You skip meals
  9. You are bombarded with food images
  10. You inhale your food
  11. You are on certain medications

For the full article visit: http://www.cnn.com/2015/05/11/health/always-hungry/index.html