January 19, 2018

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    Below, describe all of your complaints, how long you have had them and how you are treating them.

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    Emotions: NormalProblem
    Depression Sadness Panic Attack Sensitive
    Worries Excited Angry Anxiety

    Energy: NormalProblem
      Low Up and Down Exhaust
      Hyperactive Nervous energy Abundant

    Sleep Pattern: NormalInsomnia
    Falling asleep: Sleep Difficult Sometimes very difficult Sleepy in daytime
    Always difficult Always very difficult Take Naps
    Waking up: Times per night Wake up too early
    Wake up at night and cannot go back to sleep again
    Sleep Quality: Deep Light Bad
    Many Dreams Bad Dreams Grinding teeth
    Talking in sleep Other

    Menstrual Cycle: RegularIrregular
    Age of onset:    Date of last period:      (mm/dd/yy)
    Days per cycle: Days it lasts:         
    Color: Pale red  Dark red   Bright red  Purplish
    Do you pass clots? YesNo
    Menstrual Pain: YesNo
    Before Flow During Flow After Flow
    Abdomen Back Breast
    Emotion around period: NormalAbnormal
    Before Flow During Flow After Flow
    Depression Irritability Anger
    Sadness Crying Other

    Temperature: NormalAbnormal
    Feel Cold easily Cold Hands Cold Feet
    Feel Hot easily Alternating Hot
    Hot Flash Sensitive to weather changes

    Perspiration: NormalAbnormal
    Too easily Too much Difficult
    Too little Night sweats Other

    Allergies: YesNo
      Environmental Drug Food

    Appetite and Digestion: RegularIrregular
    Rapid Hungering Poor Appetite Nausea Heartburn
    Indigestion Bloating Gas Other

    Thirst: NormalAbnormal
    Thirsty Dry mouth Dry mouth but no desire to drink
    Drink a lot Not thirsty, but drink a lot of water anyway

    Bowel Movement: NormalAbnormal
    Constipation Diarrhea Loose Watery
    Incomplete Hard and Dry Strong Smell With Mucous
    With Blood Other

    Urination: NormalAbnormal
    Frequent Urgent Burning Painful
    Cloudy Dark color Foul smell Bloody
    Difficult Retention Other
    Number of times per day: Number of times per night:

    Body Weight: NormalOverweightUnderweight
     If overweight:
    How many pounds would you like to lose?
    How many years ago did you first start to gain weight?
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