February 27, 2013


Welcome to the online consultation from of Alberta Homeopathic & Integrative Health Clinic.  Immediate and direct access to a doctor has never been easier. This service is primarily for those patients living out of town or out of province and who are not available for an in clinic consultation due to distance.

We have provided our patients with various methods for consultation and access to a doctor including phone consultations, online and in-patient visits. For those with questions and concerns please use the summary consultation request box on the right to initiate contact and to discuss is homeopathy is a viable choice in meeting your health care needs. A doctor from the clinic will contact you within two business hours.

Once contact has been made and your options have been discussed, patients can then proceed to using the online consultation form. When filling out the intake form please be as thorough as possible and provide us with adequate contact and personal information to make the process smoother. Remember that no credit card of payment information is to be submitted online! A doctor will contact you during your preferred contact time and will discuss your case with you then. At that time payment, treatment and shipping information will be collected.

If you have general questions or queries kindly contact as us at info@askdrthomas.com or call us at 780.455.6123.

Get started to gearing your health in the right direction with safe, gentle and effective health care.