February 27, 2013

Patient feedback

Food Sensitivity

Our 8 year old daughter has struggled with health issues since she was very young, starting with an asthma type coughs at 6 months old.  She was also very delayed in starting to talk and we found out she had problems with her middle ear not draining which would cause temporary, but profound hearing loss.  The hearing would come and go, always worse when she had a cold, which was often.  She also struggled with fairly constant diarrhea from about age 2 on.   She had been on Salbutamol and Pulmicort for the asthma and needed them on a very regular basis, especially through the winter.  To try fight the intestinal issues, I was making home-made organic yogurt and feeding it to our daughter daily but it wasn’t helping.

Finally at our wits end, we took her to Dr. Thomas.  He recommended the food sensitivity test which we did right away.  As a result, we discovered she was very sensitive to dairy proteins along with some other foods.  She also had very high Candida.  Along with the medications Dr. Thomas prescribed for her, we had to change her diet; dairy free, sugar free, wheat free.  That seemed impossible but the doctor suggested we take it a bit at a time instead of changing everything at once.  I focused on going dairy free first, then sugar and finally wheat.  This took a few months but the results have been more than worth it.   Our daughter’s hearing has been good now for 6 straight months and she has had no respiratory issues at all, not even a cold. I finally dared to get rid of all of the asthma medication!  Her intestinal problems are also much better, not perfect yet but a huge improvement.  She always had a protruding tummy, making clothes difficult to fit properly.  Now she is wearing skirts for the first time in years and is thrilled with that.  As she says, “I feel awesome now”!  J. Deruiter (Barrhead, AB)


Anxiety & Depression

On my journey to wellness, I was fortunate to find Dr. Danny Thomas.  He has guided me to health since becoming his patient in the Fall of 2009 and I now enjoy a good quality of life. Due to stress and anxiety that result in panic attacks, I was unable to maintain or gain weight, I had little or no appetite and sleeping was difficult.  Through his treatment program, I have steadily improved in all areas.  Dr. Thomas is a professional who truly cares for his patients.  He asks many questions in order to assess your health, listens very carefully and then lays out a plan that will support your goals.  Adjustments are made quickly & easily as necessary.  I am very pleased to be able to see him locally, as well as have him address any questions or concerns I have either by e-mail or phone.  He is always prompt and respectful in all interactions. I feel supported by a knowledgeable and considerate Dr.    Debbie R. (Leduc, AB)


Arthritis (Joint/Muscle Pain)

I was suffering with severe back and hip pain for a number of years and I was getting to the point that I couldn’t get out of bed, a chair or the bath tub by myself. At the age of 42 I was going to have to use a cane. My husband found Dr. Thomas in the phone book and I went to see him about a year and a half ago and now I have my independence back again. I started my treatment in January 2009 and within a week I was starting to feel better. In February 2009 I fell and dislocated my shoulder and broke my collar bone. I went to see Dr. Thomas a week after my fall and he immediately adjusted my program to help heel my shoulder faster. As my treatment went on I was experiencing less and less pain in my back, but my hip still had some pain and I kept saying that I didn’t think that it would ever go away completely and I was alright with a little bit of pain. Then one day I turned to my husband and I told him that I had no pain in my hip. THAT WAS AMAZING. Dr. Thomas you are a life safer in my eyes. I was ready to give up on life at 42 and know at 44 I am enjoying life again. Thank-you  Glenda Burnett (Cold Lake, AB)

High Blood Pressure

After more than 20 years of taking medications that were not helping my blood pressure to go down, I decided to look for something that might make a difference. I found Dr. Thomas’s  website and thoroughly read it then decided to make an appointment.  I am so glad that I did.  From the first time I went to see him,  I was impressed with his calm, professional yet warm manner.  It is such a wonderful change to be working with a health care professional who really does care about his clients.  It is also a big change to be talking with a doctor who really wants to hear from his patients.  The more you tell him, the better and more accurate your treatment is.  In the time since I’ve started seeing him, my blood pressure has gradually and consistantly come down.  What really amazed me is that it continued to do so during a very traumatic time in my life.  Thank goodness for Dr. Thomas and people like him.  Shelley T. (Camrose, AB)


Crohn’s & Ulcerative Colitis

After thirteen years of living with these diseases, and elevated liver counts, taking lots of pills, no energy I was left with medical doctors saying this is the way it is.  I got Dr. Thomas’s card from Marnie at the Medicine Shoppe she sure helped me that day; I called Dr. Thomas probably that day, and he got me in really fast.  He took time to talk, which isn’t hard he was easy to talk with, professional and kind.  What you need when you’re down and out.  He made me feel I was going to make it.  So after about six months of being treated, I feel very healthy, I have had normal bowel movements which I have not had in about thirteen years, gas and bloating are very controlled and my energy is back.  I am very happy with Dr. Thomas’s care and my results; I have recommended him to others and will continue to.  A Big Thank you Dr. Thomas!!  Linda B, (Leduc, AB)


Anxiety and Panic Attacks

When I was first diagnosed with having anxiety and panic attacks, I was prescribed antidepressants which I was adamant about not taking, I tried a lot of things to help control my anxiety which didn’t work effectively, that’s when I went to see Dr. Thomas. I still remember my first meeting with him when I told him he was my last hope to control my anxiety and panic attacks or I would have to go on antidepressants. After one week of  taking the medication he prescribed I noticed a huge difference, I started feeling better physically and mentally, and now I am able to live a normal life again.  I have been seeing Dr. Thomas for about a year and as of today I have not had a panic attack since the car ride to my first appointment with him. In addition to treating my anxiety, Dr. Thomas has treated me for menstrual irregularities as well as a painful ovarian cyst that after his treatment plan, had disappeared. I am truly grateful to Dr. Thomas for his sincere encouragement, care and expertise with helping me get my life back on track and I highly recommend him and his practice to others. Alessandra Hardy, (St. Albert, AB)

Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

I first met Dr. Thomas when I was searching for a way to lower my blood pressure without depending on pharmaceuticals. I was skeptical about homeopathy, but Dr. Thomas’ professionalism, openness and consultative approach gave me the level of confidence I needed to give it a try. The treatment was easy to administer and I was assured by the fact that there are no side-effects. Six months later, my blood pressure is in a healthy range and I have learned a lot about how to maintain it there. Thank-you Dr. Thomas! Dale Sedo (St. Albert, AB)


My son has been one of Dr. Thomas’ patients for over a year now. Dr.Thomas impressed me right away with his kind and caring manner. He had many questions for me so that he could get to know my son fully before prescribing him his medications. I like that genuine concern. As well I like that he takes our families life style and goals for our son into account when he does his follow ups and modifies his medications. Dr.Thomas quickly refills prescriptions and sends them to me as I do not live in St.Albert. This is a great convenience for out of the city patients. . Our son is more focused, happier, and calmer now. We want our son to be successful and “an average little boy” while growing up. We do not want him to be over medicated with many side effects and the natural homeopathic way achieves this goal. – M. Usick, mother of D. Usick (Fort McMurray, AB)

Type 2 Diabetes and chronic nasal congestion

I have suffered for years with chronic nasal congestion (stuffy nose). Dr. Thomas put me on a course of treatment which he said would take some time to work. Well, it DID take some time, but I also saw promising results. I have had type 2 Diabetes for about 3 years now. Again, Dr. Thomas’ medications are helping with this and I do not have to use insulin, nor any other “typical” Diabetes medications. This treatment also needs more time, as Dr. Thomas said it would. Homeopathic medicine is not a quick fix – it takes time to work. I think this is because treatment is remedying the root problem and not just masking a symptom, which is what “traditional” western medicine often seems to do. The results my wife and I have experienced are well worth the time and cost. My wife and I have been very pleased with the care Dr. Thomas has given us and especially with the results. We have recommended his approach to others and will continue to do so. Thanks for helping me to be healthier, Dr Danny. Scotty T (Edmonton, AB)

Skin Conditions (Acne & Eczema)

I suffered from acne all my teenage years, despite trying conventional treatments such as accutane, monotrycyclene, dalacin and other harsh, ineffective treatments. My acne has followed me into my 20’s where i finally decided to stop leaving it to fate and try a long term, committed remedy. A friend of mine was ailed with eczema for months due to traumatic stress and sought treatment from Dr. Thomas. Upon witnessing his success through treatment i too decided to go the homeopathic route. I started treatment with Dr. Thomas in april of 2007, faithfully taking the meds he prescribed me and watching my diet. Little change occurred in the first 4 months but my friend persuaded me to continue treatment and keep a positive attitude. Dr. Thomas also advised me to be patient as homeopathic medicine is not a quick fix, it is a lifetime cure and will not take its course overnight. By the 5th month myself and friends of mine noticed a great change in my complexion and since then it has continued to clear up. We are now in December and it just keeps getting better and better. It works in stages, it works slowly and I have experienced no recessions once a positive change has occurred. I have great faith and trust in Dr. Thomas and will continue treatment until we both agree the symptoms are forever gone. I hope my testimonial will inspire you to give this route of modern medicine an honest effort. Shane Graaf, (St. Albert, AB)

Energy & Fatigue (Thalascemia)

I have been very disciplined with regard to regular exercise and diet during the past three years. My goal was to optimize my feeling of well-being and to feel energized. Even though I was able to drop one clothing size, I still did not seem to be able to increase my energy level. I definitely had not yet been benefiting from an increase in energy level with my exercise routine and this became extremely disappointing for me. I finally decided to take the advice of my Massage therapist, Sandra Strangman (she’s the best!!) who recommended that I consult Dr. Thomas. I started Dr. Thomas’s treatment October, 2007. Words cannot express my appreciation for what he has done for me. Homeopathic medicine is not a quick fix; it is a lifetime habit. It will not take its course overnight. However, it worked wonders for me within a very short period of time. Dr. Thomas took many notes, highly recommended that I get a blood test done and forward him the results, and customized a program for me which has improved my quality of life. My family doctor and obstetrician both are aware of my condition but they never made any recommendations for me. I also have never been keen on taking drugs typically prescribed by doctors. Dr. Thomas took the time to go through my blood test with me and explained his recommendation. I feel much energy and vitality now. I am more attentive and alert especially when I drive. I feel great the whole day even after a poor night’s sleep. Every penny that I have spent is well worth it. A big “THANK YOU” to Dr Thomas for his expertise, time and sincere caring!! Sylvia Lo, (Edmonton, AB)


My grandson Joshua has been seeing Dr. Thomas for several months now. He was diagnosed with ADHD and two other behavioural problems. We had a hard time coping with his behaviour. I am forever grateful we found Dr. Thomas. He took the necessary time and effort to listen to all our concerns and provide us with easy to understand solutions. Under his care, Joshua has improved steadily for the better. Today I am very pleased with Joshua’s attitudes, as he surprises me greatly how much he has changed. People who work with Joshua say he is like a normal teenager. He is able to make friends and carry on a good conversation without driving everyone crazy to the point nobody could stand him. We believe strongly in Dr. Thomas’s treatment and practice and highly recommend him to anyone. Ernestine Steer, grandmother of Joshua P (Edmonton, AB)

Panic attacks, low energy & dizziness

We moved to Edmonton from B.C. about a year ago. I was fed up with “regular” doctors and was looking for alternatives when I found Dr. Thomas. After an initial contact with him, my husband and I both filled out the questionnaire on his website. Subsequently, we went for an office visit, where he asked many more questions. I was impressed at his thoroughness. Dr. Thomas set up a course of medications for each of us. I was amazed at how responsive I was to each of the treatments. I had good energy in the morning, but by afternoon was an often tired and needed a nap. A small dose of tonic each morning quickly succeeded in giving me all day energy. I had long suffered from panic attacks and bouts of sudden dizziness. Dr. Thomas’ medications ended the dizziness and greatly reduced both the severity and frequency of the panic attacks to the point where I hardly ever have one now. The attacks are no longer frightening, as they certainly used to be. I would like to point out that most of the medications Dr. Thomas uses are liquids that you simply squirt under your tongue from pump spray bottles. This was a great benefit to me, as I have a sensitive gag-reflex, which makes swallowing pills difficult. Cindy R. (Edmonton, AB)

Pet Health (Glaucoma)

Our 14 year old Shih Tzu used to have a skin problem (lots of dry, flaky, scabby patches). Dr. Thomas prescribed some medications and in less than a month, our dog’s skin had cleared right up. Subsequently, the dog went blind in one eye, due to glaucoma. The eye got quite red and swollen. Well, the vet wanted to cut it out right away, which horrified my wife. Upset by this, she went to see Dr. Thomas. He was able to calm her down and reassure her with another treatment for the dog. Now, several months later, our dog still has his eye with little or no swelling. It was very convenient to add the liquid medication to our dog’s food as well. I can see the liquid sprays being better than pills for those that have trouble swallowing and even to administer to children. Scott & Cindy (Edmonton, AB)