February 27, 2013

Hair Element Analysis

Certain elements such as potassium, calcium, magnesium and sodium are critical to health. However, other elements such as mercury, cadmium and lead are toxic. Good health depends on having the right balance of nutritional elements and low levels of toxic elements. Hair element analysis is an easy and inexpensive way to measure these levels.

Conditions related to toxic elements

Toxic elements are found everywhere: from antimony as a fire retardant in clothing to uranium salts in certain pottery glazes. Toxic elements may create an imbalance in essential elements or directly trigger a number of health problems including:

  • Anxiety/Depression (Lead, Mercury, Arsenic)
  • Memory Impairment (Lead, Cadmium)
  • Heart Disease (Antimony, Cadmium, Lead)
  • Neurological Problems (Arsenic, Bismuth)
  • Fatigue
Why is Hair Element Analysis Right For You?

The hair root is in constant contact with blood vessels, allowing both nutritional and toxic elements to enter the hair shaft continuously as hair grows. In other words, hair analysis reflects long-term exposure to the various elemtns. This is a significant advantage over urine or blood samples, which only measure the levels from one point in time.