February 27, 2013

Our Clinic

About Alberta Homeopathic & Integrative Health Clinic

Alberta Homeopathic & Integrative Health Clinic (AHIHC) is a private medical clinic, founded by Danny Thomas, whose aim is to provide each and every patient with a safe, gentle and effective treatment approach.  AHIHC combines the principles of conventional and complementary medicine to provide a whole answer to every medical problem. Utilizing the principles of Homeopathy, AHIHC places great emphasis on preventative medicine as a method of maintaining good health following treatment.

Homeopathy provides a great solution to the conventional medical problems and disappointments we face. While conventionally physicians tend to focus on treating specific illnesses and their reported symptoms, Homeopathy is a system of medicine that takes a broader view and considers various other factors that a patient will exhibit including the mental, emotional and physical levels.

At AHIHC we strive to provide you with the utmost in quality alternative health care dealing with acute and chronic conditions as well as providing you with the best in nutritional and informational support.  Our team includes other modalities of healing including Thermography, Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Therapeutic Massage and Nutritional advice.  AHIHC offers personalized treatment plans that are highly patient specific with no side effects or drug interactions.

Our team is involved in ongoing research initiatives with the Complementary and Alternative Medical and Education Research Networks of Alberta and Canada, striving to bring you up-to-date news and treatment plans.