Understanding thyroid health

Douglas Laboratories Manufacturer of Quality Nutritional Supplements Exclusively for Healthcare Professionals has put out a resource paper for patients about hormone health.  Part 1 focuses on how to Support Thyroid Health Naturally.   We have posted the info below, but you can find the original post and other updated resource information here: http://douglaslabs.blogspot.ca/2014

For optimal body and mind benefits of thyroid hormone, it is important that the thyroid patient takes an adequate and well-balanced amount of the micronutrients that are crucial for thyroid hormone to work efficiently in the cells. Dr. Arem’s thyroid program addresses these three targets to achieve optimal thyroid wellness (thyroid gland, immune system, and thyroid hormone efficiency in the body).

If the patient does not have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis or hypothyroidism, but has a family history of thyroid disease or other autoimmune conditions, Dr. Arem often recommends following these healthy guidelines to help support overall thyroid health and function:

  • Minimize saturated fats and trans-fats in foods because research has shown that bad fats can disturb the immune system and could promote autoimmunity.†
  • Follow a healthy weight loss diet, preferably low-glycemic, high protein, and high fiber, to reduce leptin levels because high leptin could cause the immune system to attack the thyroid gland.
  • Pay attention to vitamin D deficiency because vitamin D levels can promote and exacerbate poor immune and thyroid function.
  • Supplement with omega-3 fatty acids (EPA/DHA) because these provide immune system benefits as well as other metabolic benefits.
  • Maintain adequate stress management and practice relaxation techniques.
  • Supplement with a well-balanced complete mix of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and other ingredients that help support the immune system.

These steps will support the immune system, which in turn will support the overall health of the thyroid and perhaps other parts of the body as well.

About Dr. Arem

Dr. Ridha Arem is the author of The Thyroid Solution, a comprehensive mind-body program and a guide for maintaining thyroid health. He is also the author of The Thyroid Solution Diet, a revolutionary program for effective long-term weight loss for anyone with or without thyroid disease. He has authored more than 40 peer-reviewed articles in the fields of thyroid disease, endocrinology, and metabolism. In addition to teaching medical students and physicians-in-training, Dr. Arem has lectured extensively locally, nationally and internationally on thyroid disorders. For additional information, please visit www.aremwellness.com.

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