All multivitamins are not created equally

The use of multivitamins has exploded over the last decade, as more and more are now readily available in the Natural Health market.  Updated studies, suggest however, that not all multivitamins are created equally, nor do they live up to some of their well marketed, but lofty claims.  Denise Mann of Readers Digest reviews some of the most common myths related to multivitamins, and how effective marketing can often lead you to purchase something that provides with you little to no benefit at all.

  • New research found that 46% of multivitamins failed to live up to their promises.
  • Sometimes the labels were inaccurate, and sometimes the vitamins didn’t dissolve properly, meaning they wouldn’t be absorbed as well in your body.
  • Experts say you should get your nutrients from food — and always ask a doctor if you really need supplements before you start taking them.
  • When shopping for supplements, skip gummies, buy smaller-sized pills, and use single-ingredient vitamins when you can.

As we encourage our patients at AHIHC to do, always seek to gain your nutrition from food primarily.  A supplement is only meant to augment a diet, not replace it!  The full article can be found here:

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