Homeopathy for menopause

Over the last 4 years the scope of our practice has changed tremendously.  We see an increasingly higher patient load of men and women, of all ages, dealing with hormone related issues.  This lead to the launch of Alberta Thermography and Women’s Holistic Clinic.  Now we offer men and women the latest and most efficient treatment care options for their health and the most advanced of testing options with hormone and breast health.

Amongst my many discussions with patients, we have talked about menopause and the shift in women’s health over the last 10 years.  More and more women are planning and preparing for menopause in their 40’s and considering mammograms.   Steve Scrutton talks about the dangers of the standard conventional treatments including hormone replacement therapy (HRT), and provides indications for the 12 most commonly -used menopuase remedies along with some scientific studies showing effectiveness.  Refer to his handy guide for information but always consult your homeopathic physician before starting or stopping medication.  Homeopathic remedies used without prescription or consultation can cause disruption in health.    http://s-scrutton.co.uk/Why_Homeopathy/Menopause.html