March 28, 2013


Diverticula are small ouches that form in the wall of the large intestine, creating a condition called diverticulosis.  The main cause remains unknown, however, weakening of the intestinal wall as a person ages is believed to contribute to the formation of the pouches.  As pressure builds up in the large intestine (constipation) the weakened areas balloon outward and form pouches.  The pouches or sacs are not a problem and are asymptomatic until they become infected or inflamed.  Infection or inflammation can occur when waste flowing through the intestines is diverted into one of the sacs and becomes impacted.  The resulting condition is called diverticulitis or inflammation of the diverticula.


They can be painful and serious and may lead to complications such as abscesses, intestinal obstruction or perforation of the intestinal wall.  In addition to abdominal cramps and pain, other symptoms of diverticulitis include gas, flatulence, fever and rectal bleeding.  Constipation may sometimes alternate with diarrhea.  Diverticulitis occurs primarily in populations where diets are high in fat and low in fiber are common.  Low dietary fibre in a diet can cause stools to become hard and compact, resulting in constipation.  This can also provoke unnatural contractions of the large intestine which in turn leads to the formation of diverticula.  The most effective way to combat this in conjunction with homeopathic treatment is to increase dietary fiber intake (vegetables, whole grains) and to drink plenty of water.
Homeopathic treatment plans for diverticulitis and other inflammatory and gastrointestinal issues address primarily the cause of the disease. From there a patient will see consistent progress over weeks and months in immune system fortification, healthier bowel movements, elimination of pain and discomfort and more regularity in diet and lifestyle factors. Long term maintenance will help prevent further inflammation and weakness by constantly boosting the immune system and thereby eliminating all latent bacterial and viral invaders. Nutraceutical supplementation in such cases is beneficial would be incorporated into the treatment plan for more beneficial results. More about homeopathy……




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