March 28, 2013


Acne is the result of excessive oil secretion during or shortly after puberty, which primarily involves the face, chest, and back. The oil glands essentially become blocked by this excessive oil and then they become infected. This problem can be very mild or may become quite severe, resulting in significant and permanent scarring. Almost everyone experiences an occasional flare-up of acne, but it is most prevalent during adolescence, afflicting 85 percent of teenagers to some degree. Hormones are responsible for most cases of acne. Diet and lifestyle factors, such as hygiene and sexual activity do not cause acne. Various chemical and environmental agents can also aggravate the problem and disrupt proper healing.

Heredity is suspected in some cases of severe acne. Numerous medications can also cause acne; steroids, hormonal agents, iodine preparations, lithium and anticonvulsants. Stress often triggers a flare-up of acne, most likely by altering hormone levels which in turn stimulate food cravings thereby causing erroneous attribution of the acne to food rather than stress.


Homeopathy is a viable and beneficial option for the treatment and management of acne in mild to severe forms. Homeopathy treats the body by stimulating the body’s immune system to reduce the ongoing inflammation. Homeopathy treats each patient individually therefore different treatment plans will exist from patient to the next suffering with acne. More about homoepathy……


Nutritional supplement support is beneficial along with strict homeopathic protocol. Certain diet modifications can help aid the healing process. Eating vitamin-A and C-rich foods, including B6, and zinc in your diet as well will go a long way in progressing the healing process. 

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