How Going Plant-Based Helped Me Overcome Depression

Dominique Linden’s journey into a WFPB lifestyle overcoming all the obstacles that stood in her way. It was hard at first, but the longer she kept up with it, the more natural it felt. Coping mechanisms she used, the new found energy and the healthy lifestyle she is now living.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Explains Why He ‘Loves’ Plant-Based Food More Than Meat

Liam Gilliver’s interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger explains why he loves plant-based food more than meat, and why he has encouraged his followers to cut down on meat. Schwarzenegger shared a trailer of The Game Changers (available in theatres across the world from September 16) on his Instagram earlier this year, saying the documentary terminates outdated myths about protein, strength, and performance.

Calorie Density Is the Key to Weight Loss

For millions of years our bodies have been conditioned to hold onto calories, not lose them. Humans evolved in a calorie-poor environment, it was during these periods that humans evolved adaptations to endure extreme starvation. Shivam Joshi, MD explains when you attempt to lose a few pounds by reducing your caloric intake, the body responds the way it has done for millennia. Find out why!

Eat more plants and less meat to live longer and improve heart health, study suggests

Plant-based diets emphasize higher intakes of plant foods and lower intakes of animal foods. Foods derived from plants include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and legumes. CNN’s Jacqueline Howard tells us that plant-based diets are also linked to healthier body weights, lower inflammation, lower risk of type 2 diabetes, better blood pressure and blood vessel function, and beneficial gut bacterial metabolites. All of these factors translate into a lower cardiovascular risk.

Why You Should Have a Fruit-Filled Summer

The beneficial effects of fruits aren’t just limited to mortality; they have also been shown to help prevent and treat some of our most common diseases. Shivam Joshi, MD says that replacing bacon, hot dogs, and sausages with healthier options like fruits will help you avoid the toxic nitrosamines found in processed meats. What are you waiting for see what else goes hand-in-hand with summer picnics!