February 27, 2013


At Alberta Homeopathic Medical Clinic, we carry only the highest quality of Health Canada approved medications. These homeopathic medications fall under strict accordance with the Homeopathic pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS) and follow Drug, Goods and Manufacturing protocol to ensure their safety and efficacy. In our pharmacy all medications that are dispensed carry a D.I.N. (drug identification number) number as allocated by Health Canada, which further confirm the reliability of these medications. We proudly offer you a wide range of Homeopathic medications from companies including Bioron/Dolisos, Heel, Metagenics, Douglas Labs and MHP vitamins.

If you are currently a patient at our clinic, or even a first time visitor, kindly utilize our pharmacy ordering form to obtain the medication you desire. A representative from the clinic will contact you within two business hours to confirm and qualify your order as well as discuss any questions you may have. Please do NOT submit any payment or credit card information online.